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Where data informs decisions

datasphere gives you the security of knowing what’s happening and the power to make the right decisions.

Easily monitor your networks

Quickly set up your system

Automatically notify those who need to know

Extend your system at a push of a button


Manage data from your IoT networks

With easy monitoring and real-time notifications from your complete network you can be sure that you always know what’s going on.


Access a wide range of open and commercial data

Plug and play access to different sources of information gives you a more complete picture of the situation for more security in your decision making.


Easily analyse spatial information for your area of interest

Use intelligent spatial monitoring to have a better overview of what’s happening in your system.


Use forecast models specifically tailored to your business

Extend your information into the future and make better decisions.


Create value for your business using intelligent optimisation and decision support

Intelligently optimise your systems for the factors that matter to you and create more value.