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datasphere – Where Data Informs Decisions

Data-based decision-making is becoming ever more crucial for any modern business looking to make progress.

Functions & Features

Manage your sensor network with datasphere’s easy-to-use monitoring dashboards and real-time notifications.

You benefit from:


You can rest assured knowing that datasphere provides a secure home for your sensor data.

Easy Viewing

You can access your sensor data easily anywhere from any device at any time. Sensor maps with real-time data as well as historical developments within your system are a good place to find current and recurring issues.


Receiving real-time notifications might be essential for your business. With the easy-to-use alarm management you can set up individual thresholds for your sensors and manage alarm recipients. Thus every alarm goes to the right team so they can react accordingly. Statistics and a historic record of alarms support you in learning the behaviour of your network.

Integration with open data

A range of open and commercial data is available to help expand your network quickly. It is also possible to share your own sensor data with other users via datasphere. This opens up a range of business opportunities and collaborations for your organization.

Validation & Editing

Better data means better decisions: This is why datasphere offers editing and validating tools for improving the quality of your data.


Different kinds of tabular reports give you a summary of sensor behaviour at the click of a button. If you know what has happened in the past, you can identify what is most likely going to happen in the future.


You can easily keep an eye on your sensors using webcams.